While overall pricing can vary based on menu requests, location of event and time of year, we do believe in getting right to the point to give you an idea of how we can best fit with your budget.

♦ Weddings: For onsite events, there is a food minimum of $2500, based on 50 guests at $50 per person. This $50 per person pricing generally includes food for the cocktail hour, our delicious dinner stations and late night snacks. This also includes Chef’s attendance and use of our smoker trailer on the scene.

♦ For more casual events or afternoon events, there is $1,000 food minimum. This would include buffet set up in our chaffing dishes and breakdown of the buffet with an onsite attendant. If you would like to upgrade to have Chef and the smoker trailer onsite there is an additional fee of $400.

♦ For orders that do not meet the $1,000 food minimum we are happy to provide a pick up service.

♦ An automatic 18% gratuity and 4% admin fee is added. The 18% gratuity is given directly to the servers that are working your event. Our waitstaff is on-site to set tables, serve food from our stations to your guests, keep tables clear and dining stations filled.

♦ Our PPC wedding planning services start at $1500 but can vary based on your particular needs and preferences.

A typical special event estimate:

50 guests x $50 per person =$2500

(Estimated average: $10/appetizers $30/ dinner stations/ $10/ late night snacks)

+ 18% gratuity $450

+ 4% admin $100

+ 7% MA tax $175


+ PPC wedding planning services: $1500

TOTAL: $4725

Need plates, cutlery & napkins? Add $3 per person